Update: After writing the bulk of this post, I asked my sister to tell me what happened after I had left her apartment. Apparently, not two days after the events below transpired, she wrote the whole thing up. I’ve included her account of events, unedited, below. There are a few discrepancies between our two accounts, but what I can I say… shit got real!

Jessica and my sister had been friends for almost two years. They had similar hobbies, interests, and (at that time, anyway) jobs. They had partied, laughed, and hung out at each other’s houses many times.

I had never met Jessica before, although my sister had Facebook introduced us approximately six months earlier. We had chatted a little, standard friendly small talk, but that was it.

I was visiting my parents and sister, who live half way across the country, over Christmas break.  “Cool”, sister must have thought, “I’ll set them up while he’s here visiting!” My sister asked if I’d like to meet up with the three of them (sister, boyfriend, Jessica) for drinks on the Friday before I flew home.

Sure! Sounds like fun! I like to make new friends. I was staying with my parents, so I borrowed their car and drove the half-hour across town. Jessica had arrived earlier and was waiting, with sister and boyfriend, in their living room.

Gaige-skin-YESFXFirst impressions were overwhelmingly positive. She was cute, in a geeky/punky sort of way. She had a few facial piercings and a sense of style which was totally unique, yet excellent. To say I found her attractive would be an understatement.

Jessica and I shook hands, formally introduced ourselves, and the four of us left to have drinks (and a bite to eat) at a little pub around the corner.

The conversation over dinner was casual, relaxed, and free-flowing. She was clearly intelligent (which I find incredibly attractive), with our conversation moving from movies, to music, to TV, to science,food, video games, partying, hobbies — you name it.

It was her who broke the “wanna hook up” ice with the incredibly loaded question “so, are you seeing anybody right now?”

Every single thing we said to each other afterwards, every gesture, every look, every smile — the subtext was palpable. It was like we were having two parallel conversations at once. We started to hint at the type of… ahem.. intimate contact that we enjoyed.

This was the moment the bill arrived. We all paid (dutch, natch),  and decided to continue having some beers back at my sister’s place. We stopped at the liquor store and purchased beer, yes, but also Fireball Whiskey.

fireball_whisky_by_everythingphotos-d3dmihnFireball Whiskey, for those of you who aren’t aware, is whiskey flavoured like cinnamon. It tastes exactly like those little red, spicy cinnamon hearts that are everywhere during Valentine’s Day. It’s sweet and spicy. The back of the bottle reads “tastes like heaven, burns like hell; what happens next is up to you”.

It should have a warning label.

You see, unlike regular whiskey, this stuff goes down like candy. It may taste like candy, but make no mistake — this is whiskey.

Anyway, we all make it back to my sister’s place, the conversation continuing to flow in increasingly flirty directions. Yes, in front of my sister. Yes, this was weird. No, I didn’t care.

We then began playing a drinking game that can only be described as the work of the devil.  The name of the game is “Never, Never, Have I Ever”.

For the uninitiated, the rules are simple: when it’s your turn, you make a statement like “never, never, have I ever gone backwoods camping”. Then, anyone who -HAS- gone backwoods camping (including you), drinks.

The statements began innocently enough. Camping, public speaking, and video games for starters. But things began to slowly turn back towards flirty. Over the course of the game (WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER PLAY WITH FAMILY), Jessica and I figured out that we were both rather open minded when it came to matters of the bedroom.

(That is to say, burgers, steaks, and hot dogs are fine, but sometimes you’re looking for something a little more spicy, if you catch my drift. 😉

article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a07-tt-bl-attract-man-want-800x800It was my turn, so I decided to bring out the big guns. I looked Jessica right in the eye, and said “never never, have I ever, kissed someone I just met” and, without breaking our eye contact, smiled and drank.

She maintained her eye contact, smiled back, and drank.

We knew it was on.

My sister and her boyfriend were tired at this point, and went to bed. It didn’t take Jessica and I long  before we were in my sister’s spare bedroom, having a great time (if you know what I mean). We were throwing each other around, the mattress wound up off the bed and against the wall… it was amazing!

Throughout the.. ahem.. activities, she wasn’t quiet. Sometimes she’d use words, but other times it was this sexy growling combined with this sexy, come hither smile. It was pretty fucking hot, trust me.

So she was making this sexy growling noise while smiling… and then she was still growling, but without the sexy or the smiling. She became very aggressive, very quickly. She started yelling, lashing out at me physically, and generally behaving in a not-human fashion. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to cover it.

My sister heard the commotion and knocked on the door. I let her in and Jessica (who had known my sister for over two years) looked at her like a total stranger. A scared, confused, delusional total stranger. My sister would later tell me that she didn’t recognize her friend. At all.

53832114.SleepingKoala_24428They left, and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes of talking, Jessica came back into the room. She was significantly calmer than earlier, but still obviously agitated, scared, and confused. She cuddled up to me and, after a few minutes, she fell asleep.

This whole time, my heart has been pounding, from both before AND after the event. I tried to relax, to calm down, but I wasn’t able too. I needed to get the F out of there. I slid out from underneath Jessica, got dressed, and left the spare bedroom, gently closing the door behind me.

Not wanting to just leave, I knocked on my sister’s bedroom door, just to let her know that I was taking off. She opened the door, took one look at my face, and screamed.

“Holy shit! What happened to your face?!”

What do you mean, what happened to my face? What’s wrong with my face?

“Just, come into the bathroom and look in the mirror.”


A picture is worth a thousand words. This photo was taken the next morning, so it’s been cleaned up. At the time, however, there was blood dripping down my cheeks. It was incredible.

The crazy part was that I didn’t even notice it happening. That ALSO means that I don’t know if it happened after she lost it or, err… before. 😉

Anyway, my sister got me cleaned up. I went downstairs, got into my parents car, and drove back across town. By this time, it was midnight and there was barely another car on the road, so the drive was uneventful.

My father, being a night owl, was still awake when I drove up. I came upstairs, he looked me right in the face, and yelled HOLY SHIT. I told him the whole story (briefly, leaving out a few… ahem… details), and crawled into bed.

The time was 12:45.

At 2:30, I was awoken by a knocking on my bedroom door. It was… one of my parents, I can’t recall which. They were holding the phone and said the police were on the phone, and they’re talking about pressing charges.

I tell ya, nothing will rouse you from sleep faster than those words.

But no, not against me. Against Jessica, for what she did to my sister and I.

You see, after I had left, my sister was really concerned about Jessica’s heart rate and breathing. She was still asleep, but her system was still racing, her heart pounding, her breathing rapid and shallow. My sister called 911 and was on the phone with the nurse when Jessica woke up.

I asked my sister to give me a brief rundown of what happened after I left. Apparently she had already written it all down:

1800 – 2130: My brother (C), my friend (B), my boyfriend (A) and I are at my home, drinking, chatting, and having a generally good time. Everything is normal.

2130 – 2200: B gets very quiet for approximately 10 minutes, and goes out on to the balcony for a smoke. When she comes back in, she is acting…odd. She starts being, how to put this… aggressively seductive? Not towards any one in particular, just how she is holding herself and how she is speaking.

2230: B orders everyone to go to bed. Her personality changes again to mildly childlike as she asks me for gravol so she isn’t sick.

2245 – 2300: B and C are in the guest bedroom, while A and I are in ours. I start hearing sobbing and hyperventilating. I come into the guestroom and C is on one side of the room, B is on the bed having a panic attack. Both B and C are fully clothed. I take B into the bathroom to calm her down and she starts saying things like “your house is different and wrong” and that “something is in there”. I explain the layout of the house and take her back to the guestroom. She asks me who is in there, and I say “just C”. I can see her relax and tell her goodnight.

2300 – 2330: A and I hear what sounds like sex noises. Normal at first, then louder shrieking, animal like sounds. It sounds like the bed is being shaken apart.

2330 – 2400: C knocks on my bedroom door. I come out, and he is fully clothed, and has three giant scratches on the side of his face (looks like she tried to literally claw his eye out). He says that they were starting to fool around when, all of a sudden, she started acting like an animal; throwing bedding around, barking, growling, trying to scratch and bite him. He is able to get her to calm down by repeatedly saying “It’s ok, it’s alright, you’re safe, nothing is going to hurt you”. After C gets her calmed down, B passes out. We sit on the couch in the living room while I clean the scratches on his face. He leaves my home around midnight.

0000 – 0030: I sit and think for a while. I know B has experienced a break from reality before, and that she has experienced auditory hallucinations before. I call the HealthLinks line (a free service where you can get advice from an RN or other medical professional), and spend 10 minutes talking with the nurse, explaining everything that had happened. She tells me to try to wake B up, and so see if B will recognize me. I spend about 5 minutes trying to wake her and can’t (tried pressing the fingernails, the collar bone, and the ear lobe, and got no response). After I get back on the phone with the nurse she tells me to hang up and call an ambulance.

0030 – 0130: This is the scariest part of the whole thing. Instead of calling the ambulance immediately, I try waking B one more time. After about 10 minutes she starts to wake up. First she thinks I’m a different person (M), then she thinks I’m another different person (J). She is convinced she is at J’s house. she starts yelling saying that I’ve been in her face and yelling at her for three hours. I am calmly asking her if she knows who I am and where she is, and she is unable to answer. I leave the guest room and call 911.

I explain to the operator everything that has happened up to this point. When I get to the stuff that happened with C, the operator adds the police dispatch to the call. The police dispatch tells me they are sending officers over because of her attacking C. The dispatch then tells me to try to observe B but to not interact with her. I watch her from the doorway. She starts playing with her phone, and leaves the guestroom. She comes into the living room and tells me that I keep getting in her face and that I need to leave. I try telling her where she is, and she gets angrier. She starts to leave the room then turns and throws her phone at me. This happens[1] . I tell the dispatch to tell the officers to hurry. I am running to the kitchen with blood running down my face to get a towel. B starts to get a bit lucid when she sees I am hurt. I am sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall. She’s crying, and saying “I don’t know if you’re here, please let me get you a bandaid” and other things in the same vein. I tell her everything is alright, and that it’s going to be ok, and that I need to let the police in. B has locked herself in the bathroom for the purposes of telling the police that she is going to cooperate. First officer handcuffs her and takes her to his cruiser, and then to the hospital’s emergency department.

0130 – 0300: Interviews with police, getting looked over by paramedics, and getting my statement taken.

I’ve talked with B in the last couple of days; she doesn’t remember anything from about 2200 on. The next thing she really remembers is being in the police car, driving to the hospital. She is really freaked out, and apologetic. I have told her numerous times that I’m not mad, or upset, or anything, and that I am worried about her. I’ve made it clear that she has my love and support, especially if something nasty has just reared up.

I haven’t communicated with her since, and I really, truly hope she’s ok.



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